What Is God

God is not an explanation for why there’s something instead of nothing or why things are the particular ways they are. God is what comes to mind because of the questions “why anything at all” and “why this way”. The idea of God exists as a result of having those questions to ask.

It isn’t that we couldn’t once answer these questions and now we’re better able, or that God is an alternative answer to science. It isn’t these things leading to “no Isaac Newton for a blade of grass”. It is the fact that a blade of grass, the universe, ourselves all give rise to an experience more grand than the most immaculate and concise engineering answers can capture. But there too, God is not an answer that tries to capture it either.

What is God then?

In the middle of experience, the question of the gods arises as a necessary result of existing; necessary because all thought is contingent to place. There needn’t be suffering in the world, but that there is, what effect does it have on us? There needn’t be inequality, greed, happiness, or flowers. In the same way with God, He needn’t exist but may. What then are the effects of that question too? What is the experience of God?

In the middle of existing, we find a mystery about reality that increases as we shed more light on things. In the middle of existing in this certain kind of mess we’re in, without God showing up and speaking for Himself, we find a draw to “the good”, each and every one of us. For the believer, in non technical, theological, or other sophisticated terms, God is the reason we are drawn to the good, the experience that comes with our participation in it, and the name given to it all in faith.

In this case as well, God is not serving as explanation. There is no predictive nature to theism and no rational sense to folks thinking there ought to be. What theism is at heart is an invitation to participate in one’s own humanity and in so doing, asking if the result of the feeling of connectedness is fully accounted for in ourselves. Now ultimately, however we answer that question doesn’t matter; the draw and the doing and the experience transforms us all the same.

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