On Being

How many times can we hear from many that “we are they way the universe can know itself” before it is trite?

How long can we go before suggesting the rather novel extension, that God is the way we can know ourselves?

In both instances, whether it is the universe or ourselves, there is little either can say about itself in any serious terms; something is always speaking on behalf of what there is to be known with either.

Given the epistemological problem of God-Talk and knowing, it would seem to be the most coherent thing to say about atonement that the object of the conversation ultimately doesn’t matter; our ideas explored from the object of our thinking, God, is exactly all that does matter. That is because if it is true that God is the way we can know ourselves, and that it is true He is incomprehensible, the symbols we create for God go for us rather than God, and this would exactly accomplish the idea that “god” is the way we can know ourselves.

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