What Good Is It?

Some often puzzle over the question, “what is God’s will”. I don’t suspect it should be though. It would seem to me the same question, “what is good”.

Donte, Aquinas particularly, and a host of theologians and philosophers in general, are completely wrapped up in the question of “what is ‘the good'”, Aristotle and Marx alike. Many like Ibn Rushd, Rashdall, Schillebeeckx and others suggest God is what we in faith name a natural draw to “the good” whether in action or as an aesthetic like music or art, and that we experience the good and are changed as a result. This is ubiquitous to the whole of humanity and, for the believer, attributed to our nature resonating to its likeness to God. Good and God are indistinguishable.

I don’t find myself wondering what God is like or what God’s will is; it seems both are perfectly answered through the experience of what is good.

To ask where God is in all of this is merely asking “What good is it” and having the answer closer at hand than maybe we’ve expected.

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