Clanging Symbols

Either God dawns on you (ie you get the impression of volition) or not. That’s all we can say really. And we know you can’t simply decide to start believing something is the case just because we want it to be true. Really, there’s not even a matter of faith in believing in God in that case.

It is a total impression from experience about the world.

If you read theologians on the point, most sound atheist, much like Ayer in LTL and Smith in “Atheism: The Case Against God”. And these are mainline to conservatives like Fr. H. McCabe to Norm Geisler.

In Eastern culture, gods are symbols into a mystery beyond themselves, knowing the ideas are not “ding an sich”. This is true in Western theology too, but by the time it filters to the pulpit to the pew, these symbols are the ends, reified, deified, and Kentucky fried.

I take my own theology as E. Schillebeeckx. That is, faith is nothing more nor less than being drawn to the good, doing it, being transformed as a result, and naming it “god”; the belief that God is the good and the opponent of evil.

I don’t know what you’ll make of that, but the existence of God is really a pointless question; doesn’t change anything (do you suppose?) if it turns out for the believer in the end, that there is no God. Doesn’t really change things for the non believer if it turned out there was. Theologically, philosophically, practically, I don’t see how it would.

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