No Good Reason

Given two perfectly valid arguments that conclude differently on the same subject, we demonstrate that there is nothing inherent in logic itself leading to what is true. We decide outside of logic first. We accept logic (except for axioms, tautology, and truism) and argumentation because some x proposition is reason*able* and what is reasonable has less to do with logic than our web of beliefs that exist prior to any argument … because they have simply “worked”.

In the demonstrable, the real world, in bifurcated brain hemispheres or brain injury creating the same effect, people think about problems either via sentiment or with analytic reasoning. A person in this condition once explained the experience of going to the store for groceries, likening it to Hell. Why? For every item purchased, an eternity took place deliberating trying to rationally decide on, say, whole milk, nonfat milk, 1%, 2% and so on. What does that mean? It means reason alone is “no good reason” among any conclusion we could make. That is, unless reason itself entails the literally irrational.

Just a thought.

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