Proceed With Caution

Christians ought to consider the Holy Spirit and grieving it. We think it is the work of the Holy Spirit as what brings a person to Christ. We have to ask when that work is done, for if it isn’t ever done, then we have to ask a question about Christ.

Reflexively, to be in Christ is to be in the Spirit and “in Christ” is to merely say once more, the Holy Spirit is at work in a person’s life.

We are in danger then of the “unforgivable sin” when we suggest a doctrine, a set of approved beliefs is what is synonymous with salvation and atonement rather than being moved toward the good, being a participant in doing it, being transformed in it all and understanding ourselves as a result.

To see the fruits of the Holy Spirit but denying it is at work, for whatever reason, is to grieve it. Must one consent to creed? Is it of no use? It seems we must say “no” in either case.

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