Why Anything At All?

God’s supposed to be a symbol that points into the unknown, the mystery; not the thing itself.

There is no creator for God because we have no reason to think there was ever nothing. Something must then be eternal and we have reason to think the universe isn’t.

To say God must occupy space is to say that reality, all reality, is just like ours. It’s an anthropomorphic … error. As much an error as saying “I have a personal relationship with God” or, “God is angry with you”.

At best, we can say “god is” but we barely know what that means; what does “volitional eternality” imply after all?

At worst, we can say “God is not”; an eternality without volition isn’t anything religious folk would say they have in mind when using the word “God”.

There’s the rub of the whole thing. This is all very much like a game! A maze that continually points us inward where even though, we still never find center; the perfect inception. All the questions there that we want answers about though are what’s outside!

All questions for intelligent beings in it then must be the point if there is a volitional creator of it all. The questions most pressing being “what do we do now that we’re here” and “what kind of beings do we want to become” … a very God-like question to ask in both cases. A very creative question not all life can ask, not all life able to give a real answer to. An opportunity most life that can both ask and answer often squander because they are not sufficiently perplexed with the question of existing, and the profound; that we are free to answer however we will.

If there are any religions that liken ourselves to the gods, it is from these questions and why we say God is love, or goodness, etc.. It is because we are saying of the mystery “this is what we make of ourselves”, what we wish to be while existing at all. It ought to be heresy to think of God in any other way; petty, vengeful, able to be angry or unforgiving at all, convoluted. Yet this is what many religions make God out to be. If not heresy, then the truest crime against humanity we literally could commit, and for which we take very little notice of; who would, in their right minds, contort themselves this way, projecting it all on God?

Just a thought.

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