An Old Jewish Parable …

For some twenty years or more, two Rabbis argued endlessly about the meaning of some law whenever they were together. Back and forth, sometimes talking and sometimes yelling. Mostly, yelling.

Finally, God had had all he could take, and everyone else had too long before.

So in the middle of the latest shouting match, God showed up and said, “Listen, the both of you! You’re both wrong!” God then went on to tell them in no uncertain terms exactly what this particular law of His meant and how to observe it.

Both Rabbis turned red in the face as they looked at each other. One of them turned and looked God square in the eyes and demanded, “Just who in the hell do you think you are coming down here and sorting us out this way!”

It’s to say that what we’re all about here is precisely to sort things out with ourselves and rather pointless to think God should. I’m sure if God exists, then he must be put out with the bickering … but then, I can’t believe that since it continues. It must be that we’re truly on our own because sorting things out is communal, and though messy, which Rabbi would be happy at all if the other hadn’t been there to help?

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