I am not a Christian because of something about the Bible. I am a Christian because should there be a God, there’s a reason we exist. If there is no God, there is a reason we exist.

The best way I can exist is to be fully human. So, it’s something about me, and something said about Jesus long ago. I understand whatever I do about Jesus because it resonates with my humanity.

When I embrace the good, I embrace God. When I embody the good, Christ lives. When I do the good, I embrace humanity.

I couldn’t care less about Paul. I couldn’t care less about any particular passage of scripture that could obscure the above.

It wouldn’t be that I’m cherry-picking, because the Bible is not an idol I defend and, there’s horrible shit in it. I have found among it’s trash, something good.

I hope as I lift it out, I am lifting myself out of the same; a solidarity and an emancipatory between us; me, what I think of Christ, and what I believe about others.

Wherever you too see the good, do the same.

To me, that’s Christianity; not something about a God but something between a man and myself.

Johannine literature has Jesus as a man to whom life, figurative and literal, was given and that he shared.

It seems to me and others, that a paradigm is created in which “Jesus is Lord [not Caesar]” is a way of living and its fruits have no season because it is always now, the kingdom of heaven. It is not a rule over man but a vision and game plan we can all enjoin. Caesar is one way, and Jesus is another. Two trees once more in our own private gardens, right in the middle of it. Free not to engage, death is outside it because fullness of the human experience cannot obtain aside from love.

If we say each of us knows that to be true, it is because no matter who we are, a sense of love resonates and discord is the fruit of all else.

If Christianity were a choice, then it would be this one, a rhetorical one: Which kind of experience do you want for yourself and others?

Knowing the answer, Jesus merely shows us what the one looks like, and how to find that way of being within ourselves first, and from there all things good flow into to world; we are “Christ in the world”. And once more, “he is risen”.

Resurrection, not needing to be literal or fictional, has become irrelevant in all ways except that I myself, once dead, have risen and “Christ lives in me”.

All of this to me is great metaphor. Where it is literally true is in whether or not the life described by Christ finds you resurrected as you seek it and live it out.

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2 thoughts on “Lazarus

  1. campeador says:

    Huh?? I found ‘relatable meaning’ in your statement: “When I embrace the good, I embrace God”. As for the rest, (in the words of that most excellent philosopher, Borat) “not so much”.

    Perhaps I shouldn’t fret about being too ignorant to understand your various points, as you are speaking of ‘things’ that you have discovered and understood in your inner dialogue with God and with Christ. Unfortunately (for me), I cannot access that ‘inner dialogue’, but must rely on your words, which to you, ‘have the meaning’ you intended to convey. Alas!, for me, they ‘have the meaning’ that I, in my poor experience, see fit to assign.

    That’s the ‘human condition’: We all (English speakers) use the same words, but each of us carries his own internal dictionary. But I don’t despair at this state of affairs. I am resigned to, though not fully content with, having ‘approximate meaning’ as the ruling standard in human communications. And even this ‘approximate meaning’, as attested to by my incomprehension of some of your above statements, is so very hard to achieve – and all but impossible – without a great deal of discussion and two-way ‘clarification’.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing.

    Rod Solórzano

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