Say What?!

When people hear I’m a Christian, they look at me funny. They say, “You seem smarter than that!”

They ask if I believe in the virgin birth and I say I’m certain Jesus was.

They ask if I believe if Jesus rose from the dead, and again I reassure them indeed he has.

They ask many things, and I’m sure of each answer I give. I’m sure of virgin birth because as symbolized not only in the Greek and Jewish traditions, wisdom was certainly born from truth, and I see it in Christ’s message. And, each time I act on my thoughts of that truth, that way, I experience Christ in the fullness of my life and, he is then risen, risen indeed.

Of course with that, many simply demand literalism and I have to ask them, why? Can you act any differently or would you, if Christ wasn’t the son of God; can or should you find more or less meaning from Christ’s message if he wasn’t ontologically God; do we need to think that the walking on water is the point of anything but that in the storms of life, when there is no real footing at all, focusing on what matters will keep us from drowning?

There are so many things to believe, but very few can even have answers, and the only ones we can answer are those we can act on and see their fruits; wisdom, born into the world through truth, resurrected and salvaged anytime we don’t forget the way.

Just a thought.

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