Ethics Of Belief

I would lief make a choice in life because that is a moral obligation where the truth is unknown or unknowable or attaining it, immoral. Belief is indistinguishable from thought because it is confidence, from assessment and assent to, a moral course and propositions are never so neatly framed as Frege or Clifford would have one believe. There is no thought or belief about propositions that escape the ethics of belief.

Belief in the gods then must be distinct from propositional language, for God is not a fact of the matter as He transcends all facts of any matter. If there is belief in the gods, then it is either from a sentimental impression of the world the believer has no control over, or, it is seen as a moral obligation one ought to choose to believe; but this entails owning exactly that God is unknown or unknowable and not an admission most believers today are willing to make.

The objections from non believers then, will always center around having no impressions there are gods and likewise having no reasons to see belief in the gods as any kind of obligation at all … and more, the believer often proves quite well himself, some or any other course is more moral.

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