On Choice

For that certain Christian out there …

There are certain facts and features in Philosophy and Psychology about knowledge and beliefs.

Unless a Christian chooses to “believe in Christ”, then there is no choice about it. The only instance in which a person can genuinely choose to believe anything is when the truth is unknown or unknowable. All other beliefs cannot be choices; we are determined to believe whatever makes the most sense of our experiences and we can no more choose what to believe about what appears to be the case than we have in controlling how we’re experiencing at all.

The only apologetic about belief as it concerns Jesus is that either there is a choice, moral in nature, and what we think may be the case with Christ is entirely dubious, or, we have no choice in believing anything about Jesus. So either one would argue to “benefit of the doubt” and the response of belief or doubt is necessarily a moral issue, or one must argue that salvation must be more efficacious than Adam’s fall (a pagan concept) and then Jesus’ atonement requires something other than beliefs about himself; for they are not sufficient if they must be chosen, and impossible to save every man damned by Adam if those beliefs themselves are contingent on our experiences and salvation contingent to anything at all.

The resolution is in rethinking old pagan, gnostic ideas of salvation from Augustine, or crafting a brand new, novel conception of theories of knowledge and belief; but there, you have all of your work ahead of you.

Just a thought.

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