Losing Faith? Think Again!

The United Car Manufacturing Association and its members all agree that manufacturing cars is what the UCMA is all about. But, they say, you cannot be a member of the UCMA if you don’t believe that little pixies push the lifters in the engine.

If it is true that manufacturing cars is what the UCMA is all about, then the only beliefs which matter are those one can act on, and all of those will be related to the manufacture of cars.

So when a member of the UCMA says it is a central belief of the UCMA that little pixies push the lifters in the engine, it can not be a central belief. It cannot be acted on, nor does that belief lead to the manufacture of cars.

In the same way, “God is triune”, “Jesus walked on water” or “Jesus was raised from the dead” are not and cannot be central beliefs of Christianity except that they are about tradition and community, but certainly not anything to do with being “saved”. That is, only if being Christian has anything to do with being like Christ and human solidarity and well being.

Is God triune? If so, good for God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit! Can Jesus walk on water? If so, good for Jesus, isn’t that neat! Was Jesus raised from the dead? If so, that’s great for him; he really did get the crap end of the stick anyway and now he’s alright!

Do little pixies push the lifters in an engine? If I’m serious about manufacturing cars, should I say anything but “Who in the hell cares!”

And Christians wonder why there’s a huge reduction in UCMA membership. How can there be surprise at that?! Prospective members wanted to manufacture cars! They formed their own association that actually centers around … manufacturing cars! For the most part, they call themselves Secular Humanists or “Nons”.

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4 thoughts on “Losing Faith? Think Again!

  1. Heather G says:

    Eh, nice try 😉

    But Christianity has always held that outward actions are not the crux of what it is as a religion – the outward actions are the fruit of the religion, but not the tree itself. In Christianity, it very much matters WHY you do what you do – you could help feed the poor for instance, and if it doesn’t come from love, it means nothing. Similarly, you could do all sorts of pro-human activities, but if you don’t have a relationship with God, you’ve missed something crucial.

    • Steven Hoyt says:

      it is first that we recognize the good, through likeness to god, that we are drawn to it. this is grace (god’s presence in the world) which produces faith (ie pistis, persuasion, the draw to the good).

      i did not suggest anything you concluded. consistent with what I’ve just said (which is classic natural theory), we encounter god in participation with the good. this encounter is called atonement. the consequence of those encounters is transformation. the process of transformation is salvation.

      for you to suggest “you could do all sorts of pro-human activities” and NOT have a relationship with god is to say that god is not goodness itself and the good is separable from god and that only some encounters with god are transformative.

      that all is of course strained and heretical. it also has as its predicate a hidden premise. that is, that belief is required to be a christian and that being christian is more than just a group who have similar beliefs. meaning, those beliefs are required for salvation because actions alone won’t suffice. yet, belief is action (see philosophy and psychology) and you agree because “one must x in order to”, where “x” is “believe” … but god is under no such obligation and salvation is not up to you.

      i think you have missed something very crucial.

      perhaps we can help each other find what we both seemingly have missed.

  2. campeador says:

    Pixies, start your engines!

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