The Reprise Of The Cross

Easter is coming …

It’s funny that even in the rethinking of the cross during this time of year, many haven’t rethought theology enough to recognize the cross is traditionally important but not theologically important as some central facet of the Gospel; given what each New Testament author places emphasis on in different things such as baptism, the birth, the cross, the resurrection and each author not giving much of a nod to anything else; Mark, Matthew and Luke, John, and Paul respectively.

For me, I find nothing redeeming about the cross or its associated theologies. If I am to be like Christ, if Christ is to be found in me, then resurrection doesn’t entail to a cross or to right beliefs or actions. It sums up in my experience with God, discovering my will is His will when my desire is to love and I act on that desire. Christ has then risen in me and I too am the logos of God (God’s wisdom and intent for humanity from the beginning; the Greek meaning and philosophy behind the word itself).

No idea about God matters if it drifts from the centrality of that end, or if it doesn’t lead in some way to a real encounter with the divine. Theologies about the cross do nothing for us. Either “It is finished” and there’s nothing for us to do about it, or it devolves into a worship of beliefs which are all historically dubious and still, nothing we can act on.

What else of any import can it mean to confess “Jesus is the Lord of my life” than “I am becoming as I was intended to be”? In any other confession, there simply is no other import than tradition and community. And just supposing Jesus is the Lord of anyone’s life, we ought to consider then that the evidence of it is a confession of living, not saying. In that case, there are far more Christians in many communities less the title, and far fewer in those that profess the namesake merely through its traditions.

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