The Epic Of Failure

Presuppositionalism is a plague of intelligence. It recognizes in its own existence that God and all god-talk must be presupposed true, argues that conclusions about God and god-talk are true (which is odd since it’s already presumed), projects that all inquiry operates this way, and pretends in an Oscar worthy performance that nothing about God is presumed at all.

Things like logic, morality, that the earth has an orbit or any other natural happening in the universe are facts. We presuppose nothing about them at all. We do not think of them in any minimal sense because we’ve reduced in any way. From our minimal understanding, we justify anything else we’d like to believe about them. However, it is never because we first believe and then presuppose the belief true.

We have no new, unjustified beliefs but instead, through the process of inquiry, have real reasons to see things differently, and from that, new beliefs are formed. Too, those beliefs are accepted after further inquiry proves them out.

Presuppositionalism at heart is no more than an intellectual failure to be able to reason at all and in the end, admits to itself in the most stark way, there’s literally no real reason to believe there are gods or that any god-talk is more than just talk. It is the largest disservice and insult to the human mind and to the reality of God that I can possibly imagine.

To suppose or presume something true is to begin with the admission that what is being supposed or presumed is completely dubious. To presuppose is quite a different matter. It’s to fiat for literally no reason at all, the presupposition is true and unassailably so. It’s no wonder it has such a wide appeal among those least concerned with the study of God or theologies which actually embrace reason, facts, reality, and what they must find uncomfortable in their psychology; faith and mystery, self and discovery.

This epoch in Christian thinking is one of monumental failure.

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