A Simple Theology

When we participate in doing good, we inevitability change. We waste time and energy wondering if we were by nature already inclined to do good or inclined to do otherwise. More is wasted fretting about why and how it is we do good, or do otherwise.

It’s plainly obvious that doing good matters, we all in some way try to do good, and we change in the process.

It isn’t any act we do that matters. The act cannot change us. What does is the experience of doing what is good, doing what is not. This is where we find ourselves, our nature, and any connection to the Divine at all; God not being an act of goodness either but like us, why we would do good at all and our experience of participating in it. God is the mystery of what we see as the good. That mystery is revealed in our experience of humanity as we become in response to participation.

The theological ribbon from Old Testament to New is all that is efficacious in scripture; that a narrative gets us to respond.

So I say indeed, Jesus is the truth of humanity born of the wisdom of participating with God; and we call her (Mary), “Blessed art thou among women”. Such wisdom is blessed, and “virgin”, or “young woman”, and “annointed one”, or “logos”, “Son of God”, “alethea” is the fruit; be that Jesus, or you or me transformed. Indeed, the import of sacrifice is the life of participation. And whatever resurrection there may be, certainly it is God honoring its promise in us as we take in the widow, the orphan, the sick, the needy, the least among us. Resurrection is what we become in response to goodness.

In as much as people take literally, historically, virgin births, walking on water, talking snakes, a sun stopped in its tracks, or Jesus coming back to life on the third day of his death, if the symbols of any of these things are removed, then anything important about any of them has been destroyed. That is because what remains are mere beliefs, none of which entail any action at all except the rather cavalier, easy, and selfish act of believing such things are propositionally true in order to only do good for ourselves; to gain heaven rather than to lose ourselves in the humanity and Divinity of service to others.

Just a thought.

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