On Prudence

You would think that if God wanted you to believe He existed, He’d show up and leave no question about it in your mind.

You would think that if Jesus wanted you to believe he was born of a virgin, was God in the flesh how most mean it, or rose from the dead, he’d have at least mentioned these things and ended all debate, perhaps showing his pierced side and nail scarred hands any time he was asked.

But God is silent, if there is one, and Jesus talked about everything but himself, and he won’t be seen anymore except perhaps in the occasional burnt piece of toast.

If your relation to God is through understanding Christ, and if your understanding of Christ centers on things he never talked about, perhaps there genuinely is nothing for you to understand that matters.

If however you encounter something transformative in love and being love to others, perhaps never having heard of “Jesus” or even not thinking there are gods at all, then it seems all that may be right to say is that you have encountered both. And neither claiming one or the other, or even naming them, you are in all ways atoned none the less. Evident.

For any rational person, for any person with a sense of morality or justice or ethics, it ought to be very clear which of these two ideas matters and which can’t.

Just a thought.

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