Schrödinger And Turing On God …

I’ve suggested this before but it seems it bears mentioning given the popularity of the idea that some feature about people or some feature of reality tells us about God or His existence.

Supposing there were two realities. In one, there is a God who created a universe. In the other, there is a universe but no God. How would we tell which kind of universe we were living in?

Everything about our universe is simply a brute fact. What is not is that there is a God. With no way to distinguish between one sort of universe and another, one with God, one without, then claims some feature proves God or provides knowledge of God begs the functional, practical question, “how?”

God is then an idea that is genuinely dubious, and pointing to such things as morality, reason, order, life is even more dubious. It asks us to doubt what is undoubtable for the sake of believing something which is entirely. We doubt there could be life, order, reason, morality if there wasn’t a God and with no way to demonstrate their improbability or impossibility without the gods though as a matter of brute fact, they indeed exist.

Honestly, we can only fit God into a picture that includes these facts, to make narrative sense of them perhaps, but never to say that we in any way know these facts are necessary consequences of there being gods.

Just a thought.

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