On Apologetics And Futility

At the point we realize that the idea of deity is natural and valid and not manufactured (given no thought arises in a vacuum and something about reality has given us reasons to think about gods), and the point we realize transcendent beings are beyond our experience, we realize there can be no evidence for or against God, that rational arguments for or against God are easily had, and that why we accept one of them over another has everything to do with experience and nothing to do with fine arguments.

At that epiphanic moment, a person recognizes there are numinous experiences where our attributing them to the divine or to being human would be entirely random … were it not for the fact we are already inclined one way or another to begin with.

Yes, there may be a God. Yes, there may not be a God. “God” only exists or fails to exist in what we attribute the source of our existential awe to.

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