I hate to tell you, folks. Jesus died and has already come back. For some, that’s good news but for others it’s a big shock. Jesus is the homeless man, the struggling single mother, the addict, the LGBT outcast, others pushed to the fringes, the Atheist, the Muslim, the President Of The United States who also happens to be black.

Jesus is each of these and more. Just the sort of person the surprised Christian seems to genuinely hate. The bad news of Jesus’ return is that he obviously hasn’t been resurrected in the hearts, minds, and lives of these Christians. Jesus died on the cross and remains entombed; a bag of theological bones.

God is love. Anyone who seeks it, pursues it, and gives it is participating in the goodness which is God. And this is the good news: that even Christians can’t keep Jesus from coming back to life. Others see him. Others love him. Others don’t care about titles and dogmas. Others are all the same, known by their love. Others have resurrected him.

Just a thought.

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