The Folly Of Fide

The only consequences of beliefs are actions. Rather than focusing on proper behaviors as the Jews do in order to be MOT, the unthoughtful Christian disdains the idea and unwittingly banks on proper beliefs. I repeat, the only consequences of belief are actions.

One cannot frame salvation as two opposing ideas; faith versus works. They are synonymous! You can no more believe your way to heaven than you can work your way there. You cannot believe your way to get your way any more than you can work in order to get your way.

A profession of faith has nothing to do with salvation aside from defining, announcing, that this or that sort of idea is what you think about when you think about it all.

It is grace and grace alone that is efficacious for salvation. It is a gift. It includes everyone, even those who have different professions of faith or none at all. Accepting God’s grace is to seek the good, to act toward it, and in acting, because of it.

If that puts a bunch in the panties of any Christian who would say beliefs matter and without belief there is no salvation, I have to say again to this very clearly deaf person, the only consequence of belief is action! You literally cannot judge in any case because fruit is the product of grace! There is no difference between the beliefs of a Christian or an Atheist where both are living lives that bear fruit. In what significant way do either differ in beliefs since the consequences of belief are actions?

If the rejoinder is that some folks don’t have proper beliefs, all the while having proper actions, then that kind of rhetoric is pedantically vacuous. It is also to deny the Holy Spirit; said to be the only unforgivable sin. It is to clearly deny God’s grace is sufficient, but arrogantly demand that human consideration alone is; because one must also have “proper beliefs” in addition to simply giving all of the signs of having accepted grace in anyone’s life. That is the only improper belief in the whole matter!

One can no more “believe in order to get” than they can “work in order to get” any gift, as gifts are given, not owed, and God owes humanity nothing at all. Fruit is the only sign of grace and the acceptance of grace in anyone’s life. Should a person yet want to say there must be acknowledgement of some theology at play in all of this, such a desire is still to say there’s something a man must do in order to receive God’s gift of grace, and this no more than underscores the necessity of this entire conversation, as people are deaf even to what they themselves are saying.

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