God Doesn’t Make A Difference

What is the difference between abandoning our gods and abandoning our thinking about the gods? When God transcends reality, our frame of reference for all thought, God cannot be known. When God is imminent with reality, God is literally ordinary and then, indistinguishable from it. These being the apophatic facts of the matter, god-talk cannot be about the gods; only what we think about them.

God-talk is ultimately only about human well-being. In that case, “God is love” is an idea soon to materialize. It is quite a moot point to tell a person they need to, or don’t need to abandon their gods. To see, participate in, create and do what love is, whether called “God” or just a brute fact about how people are geared, is what no one abandons or what destroys us when we do.

Ways we talk about why we’re the way we are and any talk of gods that doesn’t lead to human well-being, doesn’t have a practical value at all; we cannot act on these things. Any idea, any talk that does lead us to a deep concern with human well-being does matter, it makes a difference and God isn’t the key ingredient or even a necessary one. Inasmuch as poetry is necessary for human well-being, so is God; which is to say neither are and, god-talk is tantamount to poetry.

We are only required to engage in the experience of life. We are not required to talk or think about gods. Making life matter, matters. God doesn’t make a difference. You do, however. How you will is up to you and that may or may not include ideas of the Divine.

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