Rehashing The God Debates

​There can be no evidence for God; a being which transcends reality, that which evidence is.

There can be no evidence for God; a being which is imminent in reality, ordinary and indistinguishable from it.

There are no absolutes aside from logical absolutes, which are all trivial; axioms, tautology, truism. All else are propositions which are labeled true, not via any means of assurity in knowing, but through warrant and justification; deliberation.

Logic doesn’t entail truth in itself. Its predicate is reasonableness and it isn’t something about logic itself that leads us to accept any premise, relations of premises, flow of premises to conclusions. Logic also doesn’t prove anything in reality. It represents how people think, not how reality is.

Sound arguments for and against the existence of God are easily had. Given their acceptance is not based on evidence, not based on logic, there is only a basis of abduction. In other words, what makes the most sense to say, given one’s experiences and impressions of the world.

So, God and any debates about God are merely in all cases, assertions that “My impression is better than yours.”

A Theist and an Atheist are best made distinct from one another by the single fact that one has an impression the other lacks.

At the end of the pursuit of folks debating, there isn’t some truth discovered. What is owned is that God is a metaphysical proposition, and then by definition, neither true nor false (though there is a case after all, if one is not an Ignostic), but instead, only an idea that is meaningful or meaningless, worth something or worthless.

What matters about these senseless debates, and the only thing that can, is that one leaves them having said something worth hearing.

Sadly, few times is this ever the case.

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