​E Pluribus Unum

Jesus’ message above all things purportedly said of him was about the Kingdom of God. That kingdom is through sacrament; visble manifestations of the divine on Earth. God is present wherever and whenever there is good. Salvation is an emancipatory collaboration then, and begun by the Church; which is to say, anyone being that sacrament. This is faith, participation with the good; episteme has only ancillary value, and no efficacious value at all for salvation.
Perhaps this way of thinking about salvation is restricted to the Jew, the Catholic, and the Muslim, and in thematic exactness with the compassion predicated ideology the Buddha held, as well as most other world religions and ethical systems of philosophy, including Secular Humanism; perhaps especially.

E Pluribus Unum, an emancipatory collective in which we already are participants; each and every one of us.

“Wherever two or more are gathered in my name …” The name and the person it signifies is never the point, is it. We come together in such groups to do something. And just as the name of “Susan G. Komen” is “Awareness”, the name of “Jesus” is goodness and human well-being. In so much as there are details about either person we can discuss, they are unnecessary to being aware of breast cancer, or what human goodness looks like and the mode well-being takes.

Here is Crossan in his own words … Around the 20:30 mark is a good start to that discussion. This is a great overview of a new book about the nature of God, the nature of Jesus and of man and the participatory nature of salvation.

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