On The Ontology Of Ethics

​The study of ethics and morality is the study of “the good”, which ultimately can only be said to be denoted best as, “the admirable”; and this is instead, to understand the psychology of being human rather than noting how we govern ourselves, or ought to. It is merely a study of aesthetics; no more or less meaningful than art or music, no more or less universal, and no more or less objective. It is also the realization that some are born with the natural ability for it, and some simply will never have but an awkward relationship to it; much like that fella who has no idea of what a beat or rhythm is and God bless the feet of his dance partner.

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2 thoughts on “On The Ontology Of Ethics

  1. campeador says:

    Which is to say that ‘man is the measure of all things human’, a statement so broad as to lack heuristic value, yet a statement so pithy as to represent the starting point in the quest for all possible human knowledge. ‘Sort of like’ Hawking’s singularity is for Physics.

    Now, when you say “some are born with the natural ability for it”, what is “it”, precisely: Goodness, understanding, aesthetics?

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