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​In Philosophy and Psychology, belief is action. Belief is an attitudinal disposition toward a state of affairs. So to believe in x means one will “act as if x”. And to believe doesn’t solely mean one has to be aware or consciously deliberate about what to think; fit instance, we all believe the sun will rise in the morning because we act as if it will yet few ever think of the sun and whether or not it will rise.
This begs the question for the believer. What does it mean to believe in deity? What does that mean you will “act as if”? Does it mean that if a non believer acts exactly as you do, he also believes?
For the Christian, a central belief for some is the idea of the Trinity, for example. Unless it can be made comprehensible, there’s nothing to believe. One doesn’t know what it is being proposed, and a result, there is no way to act in response to thinking the Trinity is a reality. This goes for all Christian dogma as well, for thinking Jesus was born of a virgin can only lead a person to “act as if” “Gee, that’s a neat trick!”
The truest idea of what your faith is is in asking yourself how you’re behaving differently as a result of religion and what ideas in it actually produce that behavior, because the rest is only ancillary.

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