On Logic …

Some think logic entails truth. Logic entails to validity and nothing more. In Logic, the use of the term “truth” is particular jargon that means “proof” in a computational/mathematical sense. In the ordinary use of the word “true”, we mean “is the case in reality” and logic cannot and does not provide us that.

Logic is a formal language derived completely from reasoning and is descriptive of how folks think. It is not independent of reasoning beings, as if it is a “thing in the world” on its own, reified. It is from thinking about how we think that all the terms, definitions, principles, and laws have been derived.

For the actual student of Logic, saying any of this is non-controversial.

“The bottom line is that logic alone can tell us nothing new about the real world.”


“Traditionally logic was considered a normative description of the workings of an ideal mind.”


“[The principles of logic] are non-contingent, in the sense that they do not depend on any particular accidental features of the world.”


“The principles of logic … are derived using reasoning only, and their validity does not depend on any contingent features of the world.”


“… the proof of the validity of these inferences depends upon the assumption of the truth of certain general statements concerning relatives.”


“Of these two conditions, the logician as such is concerned only with the first [validity]; the second, the determination of the truth or falsity of the premises, is the task of some special discipline or of common observation appropriate to the subject matter of the argument.”


“When the conclusion of an argument is correctly deducible from its premises, the inference from the premises to the conclusion is said to be (deductively) valid, irrespective of whether the premises are true or false.”


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