What Goes Around …

​Christianity in America is this: that one already knows the talking snakes, the walking on water, the dead coming back to life, are all absurd. However, for the Evangelical at least, this is essential bullshit; the barrier between a person and Heaven, and denying it, the path to Hell. This Christian thinks that one must take these all as literal and one must believe they all happened. This is faith, to them. The cost of entrance into Heaven is no more than believing something is bullshit yet claiming it is true; all the while trying to resolve the internal conflict.

This is not faith nor is it belief. It’s being afraid and it’s finding a way to cope with it. To such a Christian, I can only say that what you hear from the pulpit is often completely discounted by those academics who otherwise sanctioned the preacher’s learning at seminary. Theologians at large are completely atheist to the kind of Christianity often presented in the Church.

Just a thought.

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