A Word To The Wise

​Proverbs 8, as well as the numerous other places in scripture that refer to Sophia (Wisdom), clearly illustrates three things. First is that Sophia is feminine. The second is that Sophia is more often than not, interchangeable with Memra/Logos. Third is that Memra/Logos is masculine. Verses 22-30 are for example, plainly claiming the role of Sophia in creation instead of Logos, or, that Logos and Sophia are essentially twins, or that Sophia is Logos.

What’s not so clear is whether we should take both as Midrash (Jewish storytelling method) and be unconcerned, or expect a second Christ, sister to Jesus, or figuratively think that Christ was hermaphroditic, as it were.

Actually, I find it clearly Midrash and the idea that Christ is Logos just as narratively obvious as literary personification hits any literate reader when she reads Psalms 8:1-21.

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