A Reiteration

​In plain English, Mary worked with God, allowing Him to work through her, and Jesus was born.

In the original Jewish symbolism, Sophia is participation with the good, which is God, and Logos is the result; the truth of our humanity and God’s will toward us.

Except that a person not follow his conscience, there is no unforgivable sin; and no person who ever lived has chosen what to believe, for no one can believe something they don’t think is the case, and the reasons for determining what is true are not up to the individual; unless one merely finds truth individually relative.

Some Historians doubt Jesus ever existed. Most Theologians and New Testament scholars doubt Jesus was born in a manger or in Bethlehem, for that matter. But, do we really need to concern ourselves with any of that? For sure, if we open ourselves to the goodness in the world and participate in it, Christ is both born and risen in you!

That goodness in the world is the active presence of God; grace. That draw to it is faith (pursuation toward). Because we are icons of God, it is “grace” through “faith” that is salvation. Atonement is the experience of participation in the good. The transformation from those experiences is “sacramental theosis”; becoming more like God by being living sacraments; visible signs of God in the world.

This language and these descriptions are how a Christian might describe things but there’s no need to think of any of this as a necessary way to think or talk about humanity or the divine.

In your life, if you are committed to the very Humanistic theology of the meaning of the Christmas birth narrative, “belief” as such is meaningless. However you’d like to see yourself, you would also be Christian in the only sense that could matter.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Micha 6:8
1 John 4
Luke 9:50

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