On Paul …

​In many ways, Paul is more important than Jesus. Folks follow what Paul said over Jesus, over Peter, over James. No Christian today aside from perhaps Messianic Jews, follow Jewish rules of conduct. The Christian will fire back that Jesus did away with the law … and make my point! They articulate Paul (even though Paul himself is being greatly misconstrued)! Jesus, on the other hand, doubled down on his Jewishness in saying that not only will all the laws be kept, down to the last jot, even thinking about lust is adulterous, or getting angry is equal to murder, that divorce is forbidden, that faith is doing, not believing, and so on.

So for many Christians this year, the Savior was born around 5 BCE into a well-to-do family of tent makers in Turkey, a citizen of Rome and a zealot no matter on which side of Christianity he stood.

That is to say that the only Christ we know is from the books of the New Testament, written by completely unknown authors except in seven instances where we’re pretty sure of what Paul wrote … And that the Savior Paul creates is not at all the Christ of any Gospel.

So in celebrating the birth of the Savior, we can only rightly admit we’re celebrating conceptions of what that means. The Savior is then indistinguishable from its author, and Paul is easily more responsible for the existence of Christianity than Jesus himself or his disciples.

Just a thought.

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