And The Bible Dwelt Among Us?

Paul has issues with Peter and James on Torah and Christianity. Paul’s triumph is in demanding that it isn’t in abiding by the Law that brought the spirit of Christ within them (particularly in Galatians) but by faithfulness to Christ and the belief that God is just like Jesus. This is what Paul means by “works of the Law” and “faith”.

By extension of scriptures Paul uses to make his points, he calls Peter and James “oppressors” on the level of antichrist. He relies on the notion that scripture is NOT the word of God; because the Torah IS scripture and NOT efficacious for salvation. What IS sufficient is “faith alone”, which has NO resemblance to Protestant interpretation which has run brazenly across the marble floors of Christian Theology roughshod since Martin Luther.

“Faith Alone”, to Paul, is being justified because of the faithfulness of Christ (“Pistis Christou”), understood best by the Christian because of the Christian’s understanding of Christ at work in himself.

Given over to the very agreeable idea of the flexibility in understanding the Torah and a Jew’s obligations under various interpretations (ie. Rabbi Meir, Torah is interpretation) — for instance, constant redaction and updating for relevance, Midrash for likewise interpreting for relevance, and so on — Paul concludes the Torah is not only irrelevant to anything Christ was concerned about, but that the Logos of God is found entirely outside of any book.

All of my life I had heard about a dichotomy of faith and works. It is a false dichotomy and those preaching it are actually in the prototype of those who cannot recognize what Logos is and then turn “words” into an idol; be that the Bible or the Law. I’m glad my natural objections, deep seated moral ones, lead me and continues to lead me to study. There isn’t one interpretation of anything under the sun and to idolize the Bible or the Torah is to demand that there is; and of course the “correct” interpretation will be the one of the idolater, without fail.

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