A Perspective

​If people took a bit of time and care, they may see the entire world differently. For if we wondered what “through” meant in certain verses like 1 Corinthians 15:22, for instance, or Romans 5:12, we might look up the Greek. We might discover that “through” or “by” or “in” aren’t translated as “because of”, which is the very same language used to speak of Jesus.

Everything would change because we’d then know Adam and Jesus are modes, ways of being in the world and not causes of terminal, evil perversion or of scapegoating heroics.

Just a thought.

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2 thoughts on “A Perspective

  1. GP says:

    There’s definitely a strong case to be made in this regard. I strongly lean toward this being the essence of the Gospel Paul said God gave to him. Simply put, in/by/through Christ human beings have the potential to move toward, and experience, at least in part, life as God desires for it to be for us, which is the “glory of God.” What the OT Jewish Law may have intended to do failed to do. It fell short of God’s glory because an outward appearance of “glory” cannot do what the inward experience of glory does in a person’s “becoming,” which ultimately expresses itself outwardly. I think this is Paul’s essential argument about the Gospel of grace versus the OT Law.

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