Have A Little Faith

​”Pistis” is persuation. God is goodness. Pistis is translated “faith” and “belief” in scripture. Salvation, being “grace through faith”, has nothing to do with epistemic belief; that historically new take came in a post enlightened world. Mainly, a Protestant one. Salvation then has everything to do with our relation to goodness.

Since scripture says that people are free to blaspheme God and Jesus but not the Holy Spirit, we know exactly why there is an unforgivable sin and what it is. It isn’t disbelief! The Holy Spirit is at work in the hearts of men as conscience, that which draws men to goodness, persuades them. If a person refuses to seek the good or ignores his conscience, then there isn’t any means for God to break through.

Forgiveness then, isn’t anything more than allowing the Holy Spirit to seduce you into doing what is good, participation in the presence of God, in goodness and its transforming effects; sanctification through this atoning union of participatory sacrament. Even in failing to do the good, God has already forgiven because he hasn’t taken his Spirit away; in fact, it is for repentance the Spirit was sent. 

The final important note of consequence is that epistemic belief doesn’t do a thing for your eternal salvation. That’s the same scheme as thinking physical effort earns forgiveness. No. Neither correct thinking nor correct behavior earn you anything. However, salvation demands you think and act in order to encounter and experience atonement with God. And if so, salvation is certainly universal since goodness is available for anyone to respond to. For the Christian, he simply believes that through Christ, his understating is clearer, if he agrees with Paul’s theology.

Just a thought.

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