Non Compartmental Theology

​One of the most venerable views of Theology for me is in some like John Dominic Crossan iterating the indivisibility of the sacred and the secular, the anti Epicurean view of unity and oneness; such that for example with the Lord’s prayer, “There are always two halves [in Jesus sayings] and you don’t get one half without the other, [so, taking it that way], There’s no Kingdom Of God unless everyone gets daily bread.”

This is an essential understanding of sacrament where from our inability to know God, there can be no difference between kindness and the Kingdom Of God, forgiveness and the Kingdom Of God, mercy and the Kingdom Of God. The necessary univocal language then implies that there is no Kingdom Of God when we are not kind, do not forgive, do not show mercy, and so on. “On Earth as it is in Heaven” becomes our injunction rather than a hope that God will realize for us.

It isn’t up to our believing these things are equal or understanding them to be, but it certainly means there is no need of faith at all. The practice of these things are the only glimpses we can have of the divine and validation isn’t magical. It is experiential. Definite. Faith returns to its historic meaning which is fidelity, commitment to act.

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