On Nostalgic Thinking …

​The post-modern problem isn’t that we rightly pronounce there isn’t an object in the world called “truth” or that the word “truth” isn’t absolute. The problem actually is the result of the belief that there is such an object and it is absolute. The problem itself is that few have even understood the task of Enlightenment responses to problems and all history future to the Enlightenment has no ground.

The entire saga of great minds trying to get at what truth is has, in the whole of human history, only been able to suggest truth is a word given to ideas we feel good about believing. In other words, there is no reason to claim truth is anything more than this. That is, if we justify our beliefs according to facts rather than hopes, truth as an object in reality, independent of the human mind, absolute, doesn’t exist as a matter of fact. To say it does is then a matter of hope, but of what, no one could have any clear idea because the hope points to nothing we encounter, lest it be a fact of the matter and finally settle the question.

What is truth? Reason to assert. Warranted assertability. What makes the most sense to believe, and only for the best reasons to believe.

Just a thought.

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