The Trump Card

​For me, Trump provides a field day of opportunity to discuss one of my favorite studies, Ethics. I don’t think most are equipped or otherwise prepared to genuinely talk politics, myself included. However, I do think we can all ask ourselves about morality in various contexts and then apply those principles to the larger scale with success.

How can you abstract DAPL, global warming, alternate fuels, refugees, and immigrants into a personal context where you must act in one way verses another, where political party association means absolutely nothing?

In doing so, won’t your association be in alignment with moral principles where you often find that you cannot align with a political party outright or at all? Surely no one thinks that a political party aligns with moral principle in as much as it’s merely advantageous for all parties to claim to be! I’m sure there are folks who think that way, but we immediately know there’s no point in talking to such folks in their delusion.

Can you parallel a social concern to a personal, concrete example?

Do you know how to abstract to a moral principle?

Do you know what a moral principle is?

We’re all ignorant of something; it’s just a question of topic, of the subject. I think in the Trump years to come, the best way to approach the conversation is to dive into these sorts of questions, not only because it will directly apply to events at hand but also apply to unknown circumstances in the future, any future. That’s the beauty of what principles are and how they work.

Just a thought.

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