To Do Or Not To Do …

​Some number of decades studying theories of human knowledge leads to an obtuse but otherwise obvious fact.

No inquiry is a search for truth.

All inquiry is an attempt to answer the same question: What must I do?

The only thing that changes is the topic one is considering. Inquiry reduces formulaically to this: I want to understand x so that I can relate to x appropriately. There are thousands of years of thought on human knowledge, but not much else of it need be mentioned.

I make this point because it often baffles my mind that “believers” often just “believe”. But there is no relation to belief and God for this kind of person. This person has not approached the question genuinely wanting an answer, because of course, he obviously hasn’t asked what he must do in relation to the idea of God, and just as obviously, his behaviour has not changed as a result of “believing in God”.

There’s no difference that makes a difference in belief and behavior. They are responses to how we think of reality. If you have beliefs that have no real impact on your behavior, there’s no sense to calling them beliefs.

For many religious people, they simply ought to own that they either don’t believe in God, that there’s no difference for them between belief in God and disbelief in God, or that the question of God is really just insignificant, given the above and the lives they live.

Just a thought.

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