According To …

“The Gospel According To Mark” is the story that Jesus has inaugurated the Kingdom Of God on Earth and, that it exists whenever and wherever a person brings it about. It is the description of what that kingdom is like and then, what we are meant to be like at our fundamental level of being as human beings. That is, that like Christ, we are to be God incarnate; love.

Mark seems to be saying throughout that the kingdom is over there in what Jesus is doing … now you must go do it too.

Like Mark, I also don’t see any need to think about virgin births or resurrections when thinking about what the good news is. Paul does. And like Paul, I don’t see any need to talk about the miracles of Jesus. Mark does. But in “The Gospel According To Steve”, I see no need to think of any of these things — which are legitimizing devices it seems, however historical or actual they may have been — because in taking part in the gospel, the fruit of the experience affirms its validity in soundness.

The only miracle in Mark’s Gospel that concerns me is the one I and you can experience: the miracle that someone may actually take up their own cross and discover in doing so, a resurrected savior in the experience of bringing that goodness into the world.

Just a thought.

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