“I believe!”

If you think salvation at all rests on your agreeing that, yes, Jesus is the Son of God, born of a virgin, died and rose again, then you should ask yourself why. Why are such agreements necessary, to what ends? Why would salvation be up to your actions such that God is essentially a register clerk? Why is payment creedal agreement? What on Earth are we buying anyway?

If the answer is that these beliefs change our minds and attitudes about the message of Jesus, then the message is central. If the answer is that these things are true, then no one can choose to believe them; no matter of knowledge is based on anything but fact and all creedal statements are matters of faith rather than knowledge. If in any case religious belief isn’t identical to a commitment to acting in accordance with what one thinks about the world, then it isn’t belief in any sense that matters at all.

If belief entails action, as we are told in Philosophy and Psychology, then Evangelical Protestantism created it’s own problem in creating a false dichotomy of “Sola Fide”.

Indeed, salvation is dependent on our actions.

It’s just that we have great misunderstandings about what salvation is; more and more since the Enlightenment created Protestants who turned Christianity into a set of propositions.

Just a thought.

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