Jesus didn’t die on the cross because you deserved it. Jesus died on the cross because he caused an uproar in Jerusalem during the most politically charged time of the year, Passover, where a Roman prefect, Pontius Pilot, was in charge of keeping order. Any teleological significance beyond this basic account is an attempt to explain and make sense of how and why the Messiah, Jesus, would die that way; a symbol of failure rather than of victory.

It is entirely likely that Jesus just died, end of the history of Jesus. It is entirely possible that any and all theology about the cross and resurrection is pure legendary fiction. I say “any and all” to illustrate the fact this may be true; since there is no agreement on any aspect of Christian Theology or creed among the whole of those bearing the name “Christian” regardless of any facts of the matter about the cross or resurrection. However, what is highly unlikely is that the extremely historically late interpretation of the nature of man, and God’s emnity toward man because of it, is true.

As Don Scotus said over nearly a thousand years ago: Jesus didn’t come to change God’s mind about man, He came to change man’s mind about God.

Christians, particularly Evangelical, have been held hostage, spiritually and emotionally abused, by Pastors that realize the effectiveness of their literal Ponzi scheme, and by the Christian’s own ignorance of Christianity itself.

Quite frankly, the first and only symbol Jesus served was in being a message from Rome to followers of Jesus that they’d better knock that shit off! So as such, Jesus didn’t die for you. Jesus died for his disciples. Now, whatever narrative purpose one chooses in order to give additional meaning to any of this, that’s for you and that’s by you. It begs the question for me though as to what sort of human soul it would take to invent a theology of total depravity and a God that hates and can only overlook rather than forgive, love without conditions; because to believe that scheme is not a belief based in fact, and who would otherwise wish or hope this to be true?!

Just a thought.

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