Oh My Word!

The “word” is not a book. The “word” is “intent”, “plan”, “will”, “desire”. Memra and Logos have very clear meaning in scripture.

You may discover God’s word through scripture, but the word is not scripture; just as you can discover God’s word through prayer, a walk in the woods, introspection, or any other means God may choose to reveal it.

To equate God’s word with a book is idolatry.

The very same is true of the man, Jesus.

God’s will, His plan, His intent, His desire is revealed but not revealed through God. Through all things, God is revealed and we can only say that some means to revelation are more clear than others, not that any are exclusive or that any are actually ontologically equivalent to God.

It is no mystery that I am not a Trinitarian, but it’s also no mystery that I believe God’s ultimate revelation of Himself and the full nature of humanity is in the man, Jesus the Nazarene.

There is only one God if there are any at all. All else is a divine expression. To equate any expression as ontologically equal is nothing more than idol worship. Jesus being Lord is not equal to Jesus being God. It is the statement that one takes her cue from the example and teachings of Jesus.

Just a thought.

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