Rubbed The Wrong Way …

The rub is this:

Jesus may well be the literal offspring of the one God, may well be born of a virgin, may well have walked on water, rose from the dead. But aside from belief that those things are true, there are few good reasons to think they are, and more reasons justifying doubt in them than belief. Therefore, the problem of Christianity isn’t ultimately a fight over facts but of pure beliefs.

However, the variety of beliefs the Apologists concern themselves with are absurd! In the end, Jesus is the embodiment of a philosophy where the idea that facts of Jesus’ existence, his attitudes, his actions, his miracles are perversely non sequitur yet are the stuff that Apologists, in arguing for Christ, imply is what Christ is all about!

In Jesus, as with any person of antiquity, stories about him become “him” to us. This makes the facts of Jesus irrelevant for we only ourselves encounter “the story of”. These, by the way, are far flung and varied.

In principle then, Jesus, as far as any rational human being can tell, is a particular philosophy about how to be in the world; which necessarily means Jesus is a specific story about human well-being. And that is to say that whether it be in one sect of thousands in Christian thinking and communities, or in any given religion humanity has ever known, Jesus is the idea that there’s a better way to live. And in that, identical to all other religious ideas. Each expresses some means to ultimate human well-being.

The Apologist’s task then is to abandon what is essentially utter bullshit and instead simply show that with certain ideas in place, certain behaviors will follow, and those behaviors lead to a better way of being in the world. If instead the Apologist continues to imply the end product of belief is not well-being by arguing that the magic of Christianity is what makes the message of Christ matter at all, then he continues to show the end of Christianity is irrelevant. He makes it generally about fear of eternal punishment promised, or eternal bliss for naturally believing creedal statements or, being coerced into accepting them rather than believing them (which is not a state of human well-being); no one can choose what to believe is the case either way.

Good luck too in trying to suggest that human well-being is only found through one understanding of the world and of ourselves, or of God.

The only objectivity to be found is in what human well-being amounts to, and, do Christian ideas obtain in any comparative, ultimate sense.

Just a thought.

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