Pastoral Care

My problem with pastors isn’t what they believe, because I think they sincerely think what they believe is true. My problem with pastors isn’t their bias to maintain a certain theology or set of beliefs, because how would any of us know until it dawned on us ourselves; these are always accusations from others, and those folks often don’t know any better either and are affirming themselves in exactly the same way. I and you and anyone else are precisely in that predicament too; pick a topic.

My problem with pastors is that I get the sense that unlike me, they never seem to ask themselves “What if I’m wrong?” They don’t find anything immoral about telling the whole of humanity that it is by nature worthless, right down to each individual person, that nothing they’d ever do is good enough. Because if they are wrong, they are the biggest assholes humanity ever knew. Now, supposing they’re right, they cannot see that making God out to be the reason it’s all true doesn’t change a thing but who the asshole is. Morally then, my problem with pastors is when they have no difficulty in asserting what they believe is true. It may break their hearts that there are sinners bound for Hell but not that they are heartbroken that God is the sort that would create a Hell to put folks in.

I talk to apostates and Atheists, because I truly believe if there is a God, it is the “ness” of all that is good and none I’ve ever spoken with rejects the value of that idea, or that we ought to all participate in “God” (goodness), or that the experience isn’t life-changing (salvation). This is salvation by grace through faith, belief being acting, participating in the goodness we’re drawn to.

And so, when I daily consider that my writings are actually a witness to everyone reading, even complete strangers, and that I may be wrong, I do in fact ask what pastors don’t seem to ask: What damage have I done?

My answer is in their confession: In some way, they aren’t as far from the idea of God now as if I had said something else, or nothing at all.

Just a thought.

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