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It should interest the American Christian that the Bible wasn’t written in English. That way when he discovers that when he says “By grace through faith” it may not mean what he thought it did, he explores what “charis” and “pistis” meant to the fella that this phrase comes from. It turns out that salvation then is God’s “persuation” toward us and our “persuation” towards God.

The more complicated issues of context and meaning are inherent in literature, especially ancient literature. We can’t presume it sufficient to just read scripture and think our takeaway is anything like what the author was trying to convey. And the truth is, we are not the audience of any author of any writing of any scripture. To understand scripture then, we must do the work of becoming the audience of the authors of each book, each letter in the Bible.

If we’re saved by grace through faith, then it doesn’t exist anywhere in beliefs but in the tension of an infinite God and finite man both drawn to each other where the plot, life, is what happens as a result of it.

Just a thought.

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