Tongue Lashing

Christian language:

It is by grace through faith — both gifts from God, not choices or efforts of men, so no man can boast — that a person is saved, and Christ atones through his life and work through the cross; the fully human, fully divine savior of the world through whom God has begun to draw all the world to himself.

Secular Humanistic language:

Everyone has a natural sense of goodness and a draw to act towards that end. In acting toward the good, we experience the transforming nature of participation in our humanity. From that, we have a clearer idea of what being human is all about and a better understanding of what is good and what is important. Through all of this, humanity will lift itself further in distinction from other animals, living fully realized and meaningful lives. There are people who exemplify our ideal selves and are models that when embraced, lead us into that place of “the way to be in the world” as we should have been all along, from the beginning.

Now, if you’re one or the other and can’t do translation real-time, I suggest you don’t bring up your own private language at all; you have no intent, or ever did, in understanding or caring about the person you were about to otherwise assail with literally meaningless words.

Just a thought.

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