Do you realize that the Jewish scriptures were freely rewritten all the time, updated specifically for relevance, until the Torah was deemed sacrosanct in around 450 BCE? Do you realize that this practice of redaction and reimaging didn’t end until 30 BCE? Even then, the “Tanniam” weren’t happy because there were “still too many holes in this fence” of declared sacredness in the interpretations of the laws they’d given. In fact, it wasn’t “holified” enough until the third century! Scripture, to the Jews who wrote it, was not the word of God! Their only hermeneutic was that an exegesis was invalid if it painted God in a bad light, or humanity; rabbis were free to have any beliefs they wanted. They simply had to keep the law and not contradict it. The law was the “memra” of God because it embodied His clear intent. As logos, Jesus also embodied the will of God toward man; which was universal and free rescue, salvation, even from the demands of belief.

If we do not put down the book and continue to repurpose what we believe we have learned from our experience of Christ, bringing that back to bear on the book, then Christ is dead and the book a mere totem with a Zoarastrian, Babylonian, Platonic, Stoic trope about a fella nobody really noted at all, historically, in contemporary terms.

Just a thought.

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