That’s Perfect!

Perfection is a word folks use all the time but either don’t mean it, really, when they use it, or don’t have an idea of what it means.

Folks, in your human life, you are perfect! You are not imperfect in making mistakes! Perfection is about completeness, wholeness, not errors. You can only experience more fullness. If God made you as you are and the largest part of that is birthing you into perpetual ignorance and evolving sensibilities, it was for a reason. It was not for a great “Gotcha!” but instead so that we can grow, which means that we can come to and move towards a perfect, a whole, a complete experience of life. Need I say then what sin is! Need I say then that we do not dishonor or anger God in our sin! No!

God created us as we are and is ever for us. Should God be love, be goodness, then all He is capable of when we sin is suffering with us, like those we love do with us too. “For God so loved”! “I did not come to judge but so that you may have life, and to its fullest”! Perfection!

If your theology doesn’t have Jesus as the image of what God Himself would be and do if He showed up, and if you think God would do anything but suffer with you in your incompleteness in thinking of Jesus as a set of propositions that get you Heaven or Hell depending on how you navigate them, you need to reexamine some things. If your​ theology makes you a Christian, your creeds and doxies, and you do not see the non believer as Christ too, you have missed the clear message from Paul about grace and faith — which is universal and involuntary — and belief, which is acting on the draw to the good. Miss that and you’ve missed Jesus Christ entirely.

In Jesus, there is a model, a mode, a representation. Non believers can see it, most Theology perverts it. Jesus is exemplar of perfect humanity, exemplar of God’s perfect intent towards humanity in whatever form it can be found, from grotesque, to evil, to marginal, to its most noble. Believer or non, salvation is God’s great poetry, gently drawing humanity to Himself because He is goodness and has made us all to desire it, to participate in it.

There is no faith about this fact; there is only this fact. Even the fact that there may be no God at all doesn’t change this fact of grace, faith, belief, and salvation. Were there no God, all that would change is that “god” would also be taken as part of the poetry rather than God being the poet.

Just a thought.

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