Deus Amor Est

God is love, if there is a God at all.

It seems to me that whatever I can obtain isn’t expansive or exhaustive enough to be considered divine in nature; it is human. The problem of evil is then a human problem rather than a divine one. That is because though we always can manage just a bit more depravity, we do and must stop and come to grips with ourselves in that state, exhausted. In that state, we compare it to its opposite. We can say we understand depravity by moving deeper into it, having prior depravity as the bar. But we can’t say, “This was evil, but this evil I do now is much worse”, without first having a basis for recognizing a trajectory at all.

Is our basis of a trajectory neutrality then? Evil? Goodness?

It seems that we fail at being evil, on the whole, and natural ability tends toward naturally accomplishing rather than failing at that which is most familiar. Is evil what is most familiar to you as you encounter others or as you genuinely assess who you are? Is neutrality? At least at first blush, the natural state of man is being inclined toward goodness.

That taken as our basis, we recognize love by love, and evil by love and our departure from it. With love, we have no sense that it has an end, and when experienced, that we could be exhausted in experiencing it. It continues. We do often recognize it as the opponent of evil, but it is an experience which requires no evil in order to know it at all. There is no previous good, in love, that has become evil when we move deeper in love. The previous good stands simply as a marker of a moment in which we less completely understood the depths of love.

To be clear, no person seeking the goodness of God ever did so because God resonated with the evil inside of man. God is not evil. It was the desire for goodness, something which was more familiar, more basic to him than evil, that caused him to seek it out. God is the trajectory of humanity and His experience is love inexhaustible. Love is the revelation then of God, of our humanity, and the bridge between what is infinite and finite.

God is then indeed love, if there is a God at all.

Just a thought.

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