My constant comment about what we say about God is that it is only about what we think God is like. I say that if God is transcendent, God is ineffable, inconceivable. This necessarily means the only link to our creator and understanding Him, should there be one, is through His reflection in our humanity.

When I say “God is goodness” then, I’m not claiming I know anything about God at all. I am saying that if there is a God, I cannot see Him as anything other because He would too closely resemble me. When I say “God is love”, I mean “all the way”, lavish, excessive, because the pursuit of anything else transforms me into that which I am seeking and I want to become no less. These are hopes that I have that because I desire this sort of goodness and love, it is because of a divine reflection, however poor.

When I say “Christ is risen”, I am acknowledging that the sorts of gods we’d had in mind before the one who hung on a tree, have all died in my mind. What came from that grave was the birth of a new idea, one worth pursuing, one worth bringing back to life as I seek it. Before it were gods as evil, vengeful, and hateful as any depravity could hope to be. These should have no resurrection though some still seek them too.

If it is the wrath and power of your God that compels you rather than the love and humility of Jesus on the cross for all humanity for all time unconditionally, I’m not sure why you are attracted to him at all, except that honestly you think you’ve done something to make God’s wrath and power pass over you, or to turn it to your advantage somehow, using Jesus as coinage.

Wrath and power never changed others. Maybe at best it garnered compliance. Love and gentleness, it seems to me, changes everything. That includes, eventually, the minds of those who don’t realize that every god we talk about is one of our own creation, a reflection of ourselves.

Just a thought.

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